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100A single phase electronic token card operated, dual tariff meter/timer with LCD readout.


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A single phase electronic token card operated, dual tariff meter/timer with LCD readout. It has a max load of 100A and the prepayment token cards to suit can be purchased in denominations of 1, 5, and 10, which are distinguishable by RDL’s colour code system. Red 1, Blue 5 and Green 10 (see our ‘Accessories’ category). A programming card is supplied with each meter which allows the landlord to adjust the rate, standing charge, emergency credit, switch between meter and timer mode and tournament override, etc. The case seals are out of sight to avoid being tampered with and the extended terminal cover prevents access to the cables. For security reasons, we request that you register with us and provide a password when any token cards are ordered. The Meter/Timer comes with a one year guarantee and can be used in applications such as flats, bedsits, chalets, caravans, washing machines, tumble dryers, heaters, lighting, etc.

H222mm x W135mm x D80mm. Weight 1.011kg

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RDL has always endeavoured to keep the green efficiency code where possible. RDL do use certain recycled components within the accepted MID approval. In no way will this reduce the quality of RDL manufactured meters or your guarantee. The word “NEW” is dedicated to the shape and unique design of the meters now and in the future.

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